Dakine Thrift Store Bliss

Ok finally found DaKine Thrift Store in Orange, on Tustin St.☺❤☻ Cheap, Cheap!!!

What I Scored:

I got a really cute BN 70's Crewel Embroidery Kit❣ And Cross-stitch BN 80's Kit with a assortment of Owlz design❣❣❣❣❣
I also got some nice yardage of fabric: linen and pink cotton.
A BN Liz Claiborne Brite Yellow slacks w tags, BN Nike running shorts in orange n pink, some vintage Embroidery Hoops n a gorgeousssss wood Hawaiian 70's salad bowl set! Wheh Thrift Bliss!!!

I also did Lunchtime Yoga at our Apt overlooking the pool❣❤☻ Allergies getting a bit better❣❣ Just what the Doctor Ordered❣

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