Freecycle 365: Day 84

Today was no go FC Day. Fullerton FC just doesn't go off the way HB does an when I started this I had no idea I would be moving from HB!!
Oh well roll w the waves an will just have to see how FC 365 evolves!
In the meantime I found a incredibly retail store named Factory 2 U. It has the most amazing prices, name brands an latest fashions starting at $1.99, yes you read that correctly! Most of people who workn shop there are Hispanic, an don't speak even Spanglish!
But man the values, cute things and quality clothing, home furnishings, etc.
I purchased some cute tops 4 summer, a beautiful silky India Inspired Comforter w two shams in colours of lime, bright pink, citrus yellow, and more in pactchwork design 4 $15!! Itz gorgeous!!!!!
And reversible too!!!!!!
I'm pretty sold on this new store and will do my new retail purchasing their!! Ola!! Gracias!
Although I saw more goodies to buy, I only got what we needed, not what we wannnnnted, waaaaaaaaaaaaa (baby noises)!!
Itz still new retail though.
We are going on Spending Fast for next week. That maybe new focus instead of FC 365! Spending Fast 365!! Would be impossible though case we would need gas, food, rent, etc.
Well at least till we get the second hand teardrop trailer an barter more then we do now!!
Goals 4 my Art Journaling!!!

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