Freecycle 365: Dayz 78-83

Since FC Fullerton is quiet more then active their will be stretches like this. I am going to be Offering up a few fun things this week!
On the homefront we have been busy putting the finishing touches on our stylish new apt.
We made a journey to our area Ikea store in Costa Mesa. I wanted to change out our pendant lamp in our dining area, and Ikea had the retro white teardrop one 4 $9.99 on clearance!
So we splurged got that, a small pink desk lamp, three orange storage boxes, and wall decals and most awesome patchwork sofa cover for our Klippan Couch thatz gorgeous!!! (it was As Is section $10!!!)
$75 worth of splurge and of course New.....yes another fall off the wagon!
Not proud of myself, it is what it is and we had list got what was on list then two sale items.
I wanted another cover 4 our Ikea Sofa, so we can have fall/winter look, and we already have Spring/Summer cover!!
We put up pendant lamp and it looks right instep w our 70's round kitchen table!!!
I plan on leaving the pendant lamp here at Apt when itz our time to move. I needed a small desk lamp for my mini studio orange desk! We bought a light bulb 4 it that sayz it last forever!!!!!
The orange storage boxes are for our rattan bar we turned into a dresser for Tony. I got a few orange storage boxes to put in top shelf and decorated them w hand cut flowers n leaf decals!
I'm not happy we bought new stuff, since we got rid of sooo much!!!!!
Plus we lug it up three floors to our Apt! Makes ya think twice when ya wanna buy something!!!
But I know I'm a work in progress toward all items that can be upcycled!
To contribute to more landfill items is so horrible, I am going to work on letting my addiction to buying stuff go dormat again!!

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