Freecycle 365: Put on hold

It seemz the changes w moving and settling in has changed directions w FC. I had mentoned b4 on this blog it may take new shape, change, etc.
And it seems it has. I did OFFER up a BN Paper Shredder an Jewelry Designer Bag. They loved them and it worked out smoothly on FC Fullerton.
But really since last week, I haven't see much on FC, and have nothing to offer up as of yet. So if I do offer up or recieve something I will post it fa sure!!
I was reading a blog today that is very inspiring. The blog owner is doing her story, chapter by chapter. And it seems very real and healing. I'm considering doing it here on Stitch ON Grrl.
On the homefront we are settling in nicely. It is so easy to clean and keep our one bedroom nice and cute! Like 20 minutes weekly! Vacuum, light dusting and once over on hard surfaces!!!! How freeing an liberating is that!
I am working on a a new Embroidery piece and finally finished the piece thatz been in my Embroidery bag forever!!
I will post pics soon!

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