Vintage Book Bliss

Well finally I can say I found the goodz yesterday!!! Thrifting Bliss is what I was in!!
Needlepoint books from 1968-1975..

This is one of these books that needs to be in all Needlecraft Libraries!!
Classic an only $1.00!

This is going on Etsy. I'm real impressed at how great of shape these books are in! The work of our hands is a Jewish Needlecraft! How kewl fa. Sure and a find!

This is a fun looking 70's project book!

I scored another copy of The House book a 1970's Premier for designers, then and Now!!
Came w Dustcover to boot!! This is going on Etsy too...

This is my second copy I scored of this! Plan on posting it tommorow for HEN May giveaway! W vintage Embroidery Floss.

I actually scored a box full of books!! Yah! Some are going in my library, some are for future HEN giveaways, and some will go on Etsy!!
Ok well thatz it for now. I'll start posting some of my book cover artwork! Have so much fun doing these!?


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