Palm Springs Luv

It seemz that our Memorial Day weekend was a bit crazy, to start then we got back to center!!

We left at 10pm, then got flat, and officially got on the road at 10:30. We had Fast Trak thank gosh! We were able to miss the traffic that was at stand still and got to PS's in hour n half, which was great timing we all the traffic!!!!
Did I mention I dislike living in OC?

Our time in PS's was fun as well as inspiring. Two major forces in Thrifting in PS's is: Revival and Angel Thrift Store. Both have multiple locationz and da kine goodies. The monies from sales goes to help Aids patients and the cure. So itz a great feelin and u can find some amazing pure vintage finds!
I got a few beutifull Embroidery art pieces via 70's!

Beutifull Crewel Embroidery Vintage Chair at Revivals Thrift Store: Location: Cathederal City CA (no I didn't get this)

Did get my vintage mini manual typewriter! 4 $5, does need a bit of work, but it's what I wanted!!!

All in all we limited Vitamin D exposure to one hour for the 4 day stint! I luv the sun, but man itz super easy even 4 my Italian Olive Skin to get burned if I'm not on top of it!

Tony did the Tram (I don't do heights evvver!) that letz u see all of desert empire area!!! Way high n scary!! I hung out at outdoor terrace looking at waterfalls and gorgeous scenery!!

A kewl painted Ram near the waterfall by outdoor Terrace at Tram.

We had great dinners, lovely evening walks and restful sleep. All in all it was dreamy! In da future I would like to stay at Riveria during off season rates and leave the dogs w a friend.

Totally recommend PS's for greeeat Vintage Shopping and relaxing sunny, warm dayz w great restaurants!!

Were going back later this month :-)


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