Thrifty Thursday Findz

Today was another great Thursday Thrifty shopping experience! Yahoo!!

My fav spot in the OC for Thrifting was a bit low on Vintage Crafty Findz, but not so much on home decor!!

I needed a few summery blankets for our wonderful park and picnics w our doggies!

I was able to snag a crib comforter n pillow as well as Vintage Granny Square baby blanket!

Fun summery park/picnic blankyz!

I also scored a BN Vintage Enchanted Forest Avon Candle!!

And two Avon 70's Pin Pals w fragrance BN Vintage!

A 1981 Fall Family Circle Magazine

$17 investment! Me thinkz I did good!!!!
Keep on Thriftin!


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