Thursdayz Thrift Day Findz

Ya know I really believe ya can manifest the treasures u will find at Thrifting! If u put your thoughts on what ya want, ya can materialize Them fa sure!!!
Case in point.
My Sewist Mentor and I went to a thrift store and vintage $1 bookstore to see what treasures we could find!
My back decided to take a vacation from the rest of my body last week n it still is bugging out so I could only do just a bit of thrifting, but man I scored big time!
As we entered my fav thrift shop I saw crowds of people and my first thought was geez all the good stuff is leaving the store w/o me!!
I quickly scooted over to fabrics/crafts area and found a empty DMC box :-(, so I thought great missed out on some DMC floss.. Oh well. Then I turned the corner and the Thrifting gods were shining down on me cause low and behold there were small plastic bags w BN Hand dyed and high end Embroidery Floss w Tags!! In so many colors!! Just what I was looking 4!!!

OMG unbelievable fa sure!!!

Some of that on top is not from the Thrift find, but there's about 15 skeins of Floss in that pile from Thrifting Thursday!!!

Ok some I'm keepin, and some's goin on Etsy.
I left my fav thrift store so grateful!!

Onward to my fav $1 bookstore and I find some great dealz as usual!!
One of my fav Embroidery Books (may go on Etsy), a kewl old school astrology book and a waterproof book BN called Beach w stories from vaious authors about beach, ocean. One I wanted last year but didn't want to spend the $!!
Also great book called Toy Design!!

Nice colored Toyz!

Luv this Ping Pong Door!!

A great 70's Embroidery Book

Hope this is to come!!! Not behind me!!

My 20Ten Beach Bag Book

Ok enuff braggin rights 4 now, I truly feel grateful!!


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