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Dr Masaru Emoto’s prayer for the Gulf of Mexico

I send the energy of love and gratitude to the waters and all living creatures in the Gulf of
Mexico and its surroundings.
To the whales, dolphins, pelicans, fish, shellfish, planktons, corals, algae … humankind … to ALL living creatures …
I am sorry.
Please forgive me.
Thank you.
I Love You.


Cre8tif Bliss Day 7

Yah thatz right! The week of little cre8tive doings comes to a end! Oh well I didn't plan this Migraine!

I thought I would write my thoughts on a book I'm reading for my Book Club SOCWBC.
It's The Help.

I feel like I'm getting a peek into the life & times of the turbulent 60's in the deep South thru a African American Maid's eyes. Problem is I don't feel like I have the right to do it. I feel real uncomfortable even reading the book. It was such a horrible time for Minorities & such a embarrassing time to be White.

The AA Maids in the Book are very real, their lives intertwine together thru Death, sadness, and quiet, stuffed down raw explosive edged ANGER!

It Angers me at times while reading that such behavior was acceptable in our Country.
There is alot of issues and at times the Central Figure in the book isn't a person but porcelain!
I can't believe the issue w separate bathrooms for the maids (can u say outside?) and that their germs are diffe…

Week of Cre8tif Bliss

I may do this again in a month or so. funny how getting a killer migraine can put a kibosh on anything cre8tive for me.
I never really realized how much it stops my life from moving forward. Itz like loosing a whole week of my life I won't get back...

Ok on a happier note I went thru my supplies looking for 70's patterns for Embroidery Designs and am so happy for my new light box! Can't wait to use it!!!

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Cre8tif Bliss Day 6

Still nursing the migraine.. So my cre8tive experiment didn't w/o to well..:-(

I did go to a nice workshop though, Learn to Meditate at Temple of Light in Lake Forest.
Although I teach and am certified in Meditation I always feel there is so much more to learn!
And learn I did! Actually remind me of proper sitting, a different way to hold your hands, discussion in guided and non guided meditation, etc!
Great class!

I also did stop by Big Lots for their Organic Dog Treats (I know, right?) and found some really nice Ribbon that was Cheap Cheap Cheap!! Cute right???
Well that was my exciting Sat.
Oh yah we did have a lovely lunch at Panera's (right around the corner from us!)..


Cre8tif Bliss Day 5

Well having a migraine is never a good thing and certainly don't lend itself to a cre8tive vibe!
I'm sure tomorrow will be cre8tive fun!


Cre8tif Bliss Day 4

Not so much! Did go to a Ananda Meditation last nite. I kinda crashed and burned yesterday. I guess it happens to the best of us! No cre8tivity but thatz ok!


Cre8tif Bliss Day 3

I didn't really feel likey Cre8tive vibe runnin thru me.. But I Finished up a Sublime Stitch Pattern (of a knitting basket!) and decided to back it w felt and glued it to one of my 20TEN Art Journal July Pages! So cute!!

I was actually feelin pretty pretty good today,
I downloaded on my Nook a book called The Help to read for my new Women's Book Club that meets next week. So I gotta get a crackalackin on it!


Stitch ON Grrl

Cre8tif Bliss Find!

Somedays I feel out of whack, especially since I'm moving all the time (no were not in the witness protection program)!

Today was one of those dayz. Sometimes ya gotta ride them out! I decided to visit a "new" to me Noon NA meeting. Not knowing what to expect I just walked in and was quiet surprised and happy. It wasn't a crazy drama meeting or freak show but rather a laid back and warm environment w all different types of folx! Needless to say I dug the vibe and will be back.
I was told in "this area" NA recovery is good n strong and mature!!!!
After feelin good bout the meeting I headed over to B & N and just for some reason left lost. I decided to do a bit of retail shopping n swung into our locale T J Maxx home plus store. I do need a pair of strappy sandals. Couldn't find anything that fit so perused clothing and purses. Well as luck or shopping gods would have it the most perfecto purse was waiting 4 me quietly n silently. I circled round it, pic…

1 Week of Cre8tif Bliss

Ok I must rat myself out. I've been away from the Blog cause A. I moved again (joy joy)
B. Had to feel the settled Vibe
C. Take a Mental Break
D. And all the above!

So now my house is put back together, I'm put back together and feelin damn Jiggy about it. Yah!

We r officially in Whitebread Stepford Wife Land. Aliso Viejo or to be known on this Blog as AV is super new, super clean and super duper uptight. But hey at least were in a safe part of Orange County, CA!

We have a kickin view of mountains and homes (at nite the lights twinkle), we are in a Apt but have no view of anyone elses place or hear anything around or beneath us. Did I mention we also look over a park and have two parks surrounding us? Ya pretty damn good for OC!! We scored and even have a one car garage and regular address not Apt address!
The dogs and mommie luv the quiet park next to use, great for laying under one of the big trees and readin a good book!

View from one of bedroom windows!

Blogging For Scrapbookers

I …