Cre8tif Bliss Day 7

Yah thatz right! The week of little cre8tive doings comes to a end! Oh well I didn't plan this Migraine!

I thought I would write my thoughts on a book I'm reading for my Book Club SOCWBC.
It's The Help.

I feel like I'm getting a peek into the life & times of the turbulent 60's in the deep South thru a African American Maid's eyes. Problem is I don't feel like I have the right to do it. I feel real uncomfortable even reading the book. It was such a horrible time for Minorities & such a embarrassing time to be White.

The AA Maids in the Book are very real, their lives intertwine together thru Death, sadness, and quiet, stuffed down raw explosive edged ANGER!

It Angers me at times while reading that such behavior was acceptable in our Country.
There is alot of issues and at times the Central Figure in the book isn't a person but porcelain!
I can't believe the issue w separate bathrooms for the maids (can u say outside?) and that their germs are different then ours BS.
I'm so happy my family is from Michigan. And that my moms side is from Italy. She taught us to be accepting and have Empathy toward Minorities for the hard times they have had to endure (usually she meant Jewish and African American people).
For that I am eternally grateful!

On the other hand my Fathers Family had members in KKK that was located where he grew up in Howell, Mi.
My Father Was Not! He is prejudice but he wasn't around that much to influence us Thank Gosh!!

So as I continue on w The Help (I have to finish it by Thursday!) I peek into a different time & place that doesn't exist anymore in this country (God I hope not) and see the change that takes place forever more.

PS Did I mention I'm reading it on my Nook? Luv my Nookilicous so much! Run don't walk to get one! Now, yes Now!


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