Cre8tif Bliss Find!

Somedays I feel out of whack, especially since I'm moving all the time (no were not in the witness protection program)!

Today was one of those dayz. Sometimes ya gotta ride them out! I decided to visit a "new" to me Noon NA meeting. Not knowing what to expect I just walked in and was quiet surprised and happy. It wasn't a crazy drama meeting or freak show but rather a laid back and warm environment w all different types of folx! Needless to say I dug the vibe and will be back.
I was told in "this area" NA recovery is good n strong and mature!!!!
After feelin good bout the meeting I headed over to B & N and just for some reason left lost. I decided to do a bit of retail shopping n swung into our locale T J Maxx home plus store. I do need a pair of strappy sandals. Couldn't find anything that fit so perused clothing and purses. Well as luck or shopping gods would have it the most perfecto purse was waiting 4 me quietly n silently. I circled round it, picked it up then noticed another one same brand.. The bag is called Lily Bloom and the fabric is made from recycled bottles!!!! Can u say cute cute cute?!!
Well I hemmed and hawed and finally went w the Crossover bag in a rainbow of colours w lime green lining! Best part is my Nook fits in it and it comes w matching cell phone case!!!

Way Cute right?!!!
BTW I went into B & N n got a free cookie thanx to my Nook!!
Creatively I took few pics of my Nook n Matching bag and posted it on the Nook Facebook page! Fun!


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