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Better livin thru Brain Chemistry??

I'm am officially ratting myself out to y'all.

I have been on Celexa for over three years. It's a antidepressant I take like 20mg (low amount).

Since lately I've been doing alot of journaling, meditating & juicing & needed to get off of it (had tiredness, lack of motivation ) I stopped takin them.
And my doctor forgot to inform me there are terrible withdrawal affects (they call them disconnect) since it isn't habit forming.
Well first few dayz of not taking that tiny little pill great, more energy, etc.
Then within a week I had crying jags, hot, cold, anxiety, ears buzzing, insomnia, jittery & major depressed w/o putting my finger on it. I had no flippin idea it was from that TINY Little Pill!!
It reminded me of when I first kicked pot & the withdrawals (yes there are from Pot) & got into recovery.
So I'm now on 10mg Celexa and doing better. I personally know 2 guys in Recovery (one in Fla, one in Cali) that hung themselves after be…