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Thrifty Thursday!

Even though I didn't go Thrifting today, I wanted to share a few pics from a past Thrifting Find! Luv this book!!!

Better Homes & Gardens Stitchery & Craft
Circa @ Late 60's

Luv this cover, how quaint!!

Yummy Embroidery, Felted Applique Headboard!

Groovylicious Hand Weaved Rug!

Love these Appliqued Delites!!!

Cute Cute Cute embroidered & felted little birdies!

Hope u enjoyed!!


Liz & Dickitis

The King & Queen of Stardom. Liz & Richard Burton.. I have had a bit of a fascination w their timeless luv affair. It started about 5 yrs ago & I just can't read enuff bout their romance!

I got a copy of Vanity Fair a few months ago that had Liz on cover. This is theVF Article to read about the newly published book Furious Love.

I downloaded the Book on my Nook & finally started reading it. It's like a hot fudge sundae for my brain!! Yummmmy!!

A gre8t view into tormented alcoholic love, lust & greed! So makes me wonder what Richard Burton would have morphed into if he got into recovery....
He may still be alive & gifted us w writings, directing, teaching? A grrl can wonder!

PS I once asked a Psychic to tap into Richard Burton & when she did channel him he asked if I was one of his grandkids!! He said the only other person to ask for him was Liz!!

Sunshine Bliss

International Day of Peaze

Peace is The Way, Today
Be Peace
Feel Peace
See Peace
Embrace Peace
May Peace Be With U
OM Shanti


Angels Around Us Tonite

That is California Angels Baseball Luv! Tony was gifted w two tickets & free parking pass! So off we bolted to Anaheim 4 some Angel Luv.
We ate Veg Junk Food, laughed, wooped it up & overall had fun in the chilly Cali evening Weather!

Goooo Angels!!!

Yah Angels!!!

View from our seats!

We were high up & the players looked so small. :-)
I actually like Baseball, such a All-American Pastime!

I watched a group of Nun's pass by & I said outloud toward them "Hi Sisters, nice too see u here" & one answered "oh thank u"!!!
Never know what opportunities you'll get to be KIND!


Long Beach Luv

We spent most of this weekend in LB! It seems to keep pulling me back to itz cre8tiv, eclectic mix of Southern Cali @ itz best!! Itz what I think of S Cali representin & my luv for it. Yes I did say that.

We checked out a downtown apt & decided to move @ end of October!
Itz right smack dab in City Place, Downtown Long Beach! Near all things we luv, 3 blocks from the beach, dollar bookstores, numerous coffee houses, food, music, farmers markets, grocery shopping, retail shopping & free bus service to harbor & beach!

We can finally lessen our Carbon Footprint & walk walk walk! LB is no. 8 most walkable city in US!

The vibe is so damn good there, open, progressive & city trying to incorporate green living!

Anyhoo, we did go to the LB Antique Market (we both luv!), & I wanted to post some fun pics for u!!

Gorgeous Kimono Fabric ala Vintage!!

Embroidery Vintage Fox???

Cute Halloween Decor ala 70's Circa!

Luv this Cover!!

OMGosh I wantttt some of this 60ish contact p…

Karma & Zen Chillaxin pose

Since I can't drive due to my lingering migraine & light headedness I am Casa bound another day & decided to have fun w my Hipstamatic Camera iPhone App.
So w/o further ado here's Karma & Zen in their fav pose, relaxin!

Zen being woke up by Mommies pic takin luv!

Karma takin a moment out from chewing & licking (a fav pastime of Shihtzu's!)

Ok there still iPhone pics (3G 8g model).
And pretty much suuuuuck!!

Sunshine Bliss

Daily Gandhi Wisdom

Chillaxin an Be...

Sept 16
India has never waged war against any nation. She has put up sometimes ill organized or half-organized resistance in self-defence pure & simple. She has therefore, not got to develop the will for peace. She has that in abundance whether she knows it or not.
YI, 5 Feb. 1935

A Gandhian Rosary
Published 1949


Cross Them off Left & Right!

Boy the yummylicious feelin I get when I can cross a goal off my list! It absolutely the neatest feelin!!!
Here's my list no more!

•Go to Therapy (again)
•Start working Step 1 in MA Workbook
•Get a Sponsor
•Service Work
•Go to Doctor
•Write up Fall Goals
•Go to Accupuncture
•Reduce (w help of good doctor) my antidepressant dosage)

These goals took like 8 1/2 months to do, but I did it, thatz what matters!!
I'm so proud of little ole me!!
Of course now for the rest of the list! Thatz whole nother story!
I got so much done round my casa today. I couldn't drive again today, so it's all about homefront today!!

Sunshine Bliss

All Things Change & Remain the Same?

I went to Doctors yesterday & although she was nice, warm & kind type vibe itz still the Doctors & that just doesn't sit well w me..

Newz is she has me on Wellbutrin instead of Lexapro & it comes generic. So less dough. And she has great ideas for coming off the stuff...

She also has me on Natural Progesterone Pill form. Should help alot, I normally take it in lotion & get it from health food store. Way stronger & covered by insurance :-). I then got alot of blood drawn & a Testererone Shot.
She is Johnny on the Spot & had me make appt for mammogram & bone density test tomorrow.
In three weeks I get full physical.

Finally taken care of me. Today I feel like Crap, but this too shall pass. I had to cancel everything since I felt a bit light headed & very drained w slight headchy.

Me Sicky

On side note, I got paid version of gooreader to download a few PDF Google Books. Well it wasn't meant to be cause it just wouldn't work!! :-( Itz too ba…

Beautiful Henna Artwork

I was at the Hare Krishna Temple in Laguna Beach Friday Nite for our weekly Gita Study Class. As we were leaving a lady was sitting by the door w the most gorgeous Henna Arteork on the palm of her hands!!!
I just had to snap a shot of them!!

They are shiny due to the Lemon Juice! Aren't they gorgeous? They were done for a wedding that was taken place @ the Temple the next morning!!


September a good time to Reflect

So much has happened the last few weeks, I dunno where to began...

Capt Mike:
A very wonderful guy & student of mine died almost two weeks ago in tragic car accident. He was only 42.

Capt Mike & Me after our Reiki 1 Class.

He turned me onto The Zeitgeist Movie & helped open my eyes to seeing the world as it truly is.

He will be surely missed.

Lotus in The Mud No More:
I also had another sort of loss. I have been so overwhelmed w all our moving this year I never saw the email about my domain name coming due. Guess what? Well I lost it. After five years of having it itz gone. So Lotus in The Mud no more, now itz Sunshine Bliss which came about in a Healing Class in Ormond Beach, Fla. My hubby used it to describe a feeling for him!
It also refers to what I feel about the Sunshine State!!!!
Maybe it was time to change things up (the Universe nudging me) ??

MA Recovery Meetings:
I've found a home in OC MA meetings. Something I've wanted to be part of, and since Fla didnt have them…