All Things Change & Remain the Same?

I went to Doctors yesterday & although she was nice, warm & kind type vibe itz still the Doctors & that just doesn't sit well w me..

Newz is she has me on Wellbutrin instead of Lexapro & it comes generic. So less dough. And she has great ideas for coming off the stuff...

She also has me on Natural Progesterone Pill form. Should help alot, I normally take it in lotion & get it from health food store. Way stronger & covered by insurance :-). I then got alot of blood drawn & a Testererone Shot.
She is Johnny on the Spot & had me make appt for mammogram & bone density test tomorrow.
In three weeks I get full physical.

Finally taken care of me. Today I feel like Crap, but this too shall pass. I had to cancel everything since I felt a bit light headed & very drained w slight headchy.

Me Sicky

On side note, I got paid version of gooreader to download a few PDF Google Books. Well it wasn't meant to be cause it just wouldn't work!! :-( Itz too bad, cause it's a nice interface & would be fun to read from...

Signing off

Sunshine Bliss

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