Cross Them off Left & Right!

Boy the yummylicious feelin I get when I can cross a goal off my list! It absolutely the neatest feelin!!!
Here's my list no more!

•Go to Therapy (again)
•Start working Step 1 in MA Workbook
•Get a Sponsor
•Service Work
•Go to Doctor
•Write up Fall Goals
•Go to Accupuncture
•Reduce (w help of good doctor) my antidepressant dosage)

These goals took like 8 1/2 months to do, but I did it, thatz what matters!!
I'm so proud of little ole me!!
Of course now for the rest of the list! Thatz whole nother story!
I got so much done round my casa today. I couldn't drive again today, so it's all about homefront today!!

Sunshine Bliss

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