Liz & Dickitis

The King & Queen of Stardom. Liz & Richard Burton.. I have had a bit of a fascination w their timeless luv affair. It started about 5 yrs ago & I just can't read enuff bout their romance!

I got a copy of Vanity Fair a few months ago that had Liz on cover. This is theVF Article to read about the newly published book Furious Love.

I downloaded the Book on my Nook & finally started reading it. It's like a hot fudge sundae for my brain!! Yummmmy!!

A gre8t view into tormented alcoholic love, lust & greed! So makes me wonder what Richard Burton would have morphed into if he got into recovery....
He may still be alive & gifted us w writings, directing, teaching? A grrl can wonder!

PS I once asked a Psychic to tap into Richard Burton & when she did channel him he asked if I was one of his grandkids!! He said the only other person to ask for him was Liz!!

Sunshine Bliss

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