Long Beach Luv

We spent most of this weekend in LB! It seems to keep pulling me back to itz cre8tiv, eclectic mix of Southern Cali @ itz best!! Itz what I think of S Cali representin & my luv for it. Yes I did say that.

We checked out a downtown apt & decided to move @ end of October!
Itz right smack dab in City Place, Downtown Long Beach! Near all things we luv, 3 blocks from the beach, dollar bookstores, numerous coffee houses, food, music, farmers markets, grocery shopping, retail shopping & free bus service to harbor & beach!

We can finally lessen our Carbon Footprint & walk walk walk! LB is no. 8 most walkable city in US!

The vibe is so damn good there, open, progressive & city trying to incorporate green living!

Anyhoo, we did go to the LB Antique Market (we both luv!), & I wanted to post some fun pics for u!!

Gorgeous Kimono Fabric ala Vintage!!

Embroidery Vintage Fox???

Cute Halloween Decor ala 70's Circa!

Luv this Cover!!

OMGosh I wantttt some of this 60ish contact paper Now!!

Disco Luv Luv!

Part of a 70's Groove Tray!!

Also while we were in downtown LB we saw the Brazillian Dancers from the festival they were having strutting their stuff down the street!!

As u can see it was a beautiful day!! Hot, sunny & Cali Luv!! What a gre8t weekend!!


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