September a good time to Reflect

So much has happened the last few weeks, I dunno where to began...

Capt Mike:
A very wonderful guy & student of mine died almost two weeks ago in tragic car accident. He was only 42.

Capt Mike & Me after our Reiki 1 Class.

He turned me onto The Zeitgeist Movie & helped open my eyes to seeing the world as it truly is.

He will be surely missed.

Lotus in The Mud No More:
I also had another sort of loss. I have been so overwhelmed w all our moving this year I never saw the email about my domain name coming due. Guess what? Well I lost it. After five years of having it itz gone. So Lotus in The Mud no more, now itz Sunshine Bliss which came about in a Healing Class in Ormond Beach, Fla. My hubby used it to describe a feeling for him!
It also refers to what I feel about the Sunshine State!!!!
Maybe it was time to change things up (the Universe nudging me) ??

MA Recovery Meetings:
I've found a home in OC MA meetings. Something I've wanted to be part of, and since Fla didnt have them in my area, I was online meetings & reading the book on my own.
I'm going to The District Meeting Today in Orange, and going to be Events Coordinator for District 5 (OC).

Crafty Teacher:
Other news I've found a awesome Crafty Teacher here in OC. Jeremiah is teaching me Macrame & Leather Craft. I'm so blessed!!
I've got some kickin Macrame bracelets that I am going to be posting on Etsy this week!! I also plan on using upcycled leather for iPhone & Kindle/Nook Pouches.

I'm also going to a wonderful Accupuncturist in Villa Park. Weekly & itz really helpin my pinched nerve in my lower back!!
I'm already feelin the difference!!!

Brain Chemistry:
I'm now startin on Lexpro this week. My new Psychatrist tells me it has alot less side affects then Celexa. It will be 10mg. And we will see about tapering off in a few months.

I have a new Therapist. He is Buddhist & we are doing Hypnotherapy as well as using Buddhist Principles.

I've made the plunge of going Vegan (well most of the time, darn that cheese!!) I feel better & lost five pounds (could be also cutting back to 10mg of Celexa??) and my allergies r very happy!!

See what I mean, so much goings on last few weeks!
Funny how the crisis of going off Celexa cold turkey finally prompted me to move forward (without pain no gain?) as usual...
And thank the Universe I didn't relapse!!

Chow 4 Now

Sunshine Bliss

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