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Macrame & Buddhism Bliss

I've personally always thought Macrame has a special feel & look to it, now I know why!

The Endless knot or the Mystic knot is one of the eight buddhist treasures. It represents the endless cycle of life, the infinite wisdom of Buddha, the duality (yin and yang) of existence, and is also a symbol of balance and harmony.
Additionally, from older traditions, knots are thought to be where gods dwell and as a result bring good luck. It is for this reason that monks would wear knots and knots are hung in temples.
shutara: “flower knots”. knots are where the gods dwell, and knots hung in a room will drive away evil spirits and invite good fortune. Shutara were hung on a monk’s shoulders over the formal surplice to ensure that the words of the sutras would not be dispersed.
Text: The endless knot is one of the eight buddhist treasures.
The gods are said to dwell in knots.

Check out more info here!
Sunshine Bliss

Bright Sunny Delite Etsy Featured Seller

Luv these Macrame pieces!!! Sunny Luv Bliss!!
Makes me so happy to look @ these yummies! Don't u feel it too??

A Day in the Life - Hemp Bracelet
By afrodeleia
Check this out here!

The Star and the Wish - Hemp Bracelet
By afrodeleia
Check it out here!



Liver Lemon Cleanse

I'm doin this twice daily to get my Liver back to health. It taste gross but it's starting to take pain away from my swollen liver!
It also makes my stomach feel bit better :-)

Lemon & Olive oil drink can be taken daily.

To make this you need one organic/unwaxed lemon one table spoon of Extra virgin olive oil, a glass & a half of clean spring water or filtered if available tap water.

Wash the Lemon, cut out any dark bits, then roughly chop the whole thing including the rind & put in a blender.
Add the table spoon of Virgin Olive oil & the glass & a half of water - blend this for 60 seconds - strain & serve.
If you wish to gain weight split the drink into three portions & drink with each meal throughout the day.

This drink manages to restore the Ph of your saliva which in turn helps you to absorb the nutrients from the food you eat.
If drunk all in one go first thing in the morning (an hour before eating) it will flush & detox the Liver & Gallbladder…

More Really is More w Moving!

We started packing for our upcoming move (no were not in witness protection program!!)

Im soooo proud of Tony! He has so learned to let go of his attachment to stuff, which isn't a easy feat! Thanx to his growth in this area we can comfortably live in a one bdrm nicely!
Especially since I'm all about simplistic living!

Moving is...
So easy!
All I need materially is my Nook (Sooo nice to have 170 books on my Nook & no moving them!!), 10inch Dell Mini Inspiron, jewelry designing supplies, art journaling & embroidery supplies & iPhone. All which takes up three medium size boxes!
I don't own a lot of clothing, shoes, purses & cosmetics, at all!
I do purge every three months, although anymore I don't have much to purge!!

Funny how Tony has more clothes then me!!

I'm so not Orange County!!!!

What bout u? Is it time to purge?


Peace of Apple Tank Embroidery

Although I feel this week was a wash & I was total emotional wreck (can u say hormone balancing act), I did do some cre8tive stuff this week. One fun project I finally finished was sewing on my embroidery design on a Calvin Klein ribbed tank top.
The design was partial mine & partial from 70's embroidery book. I decided to add a few layers of fabric that I had cut in rounds w my zig zag scissors. I outlined the layers of fabric in red floss in a simple stitch. I think Itz pretty cute & good for my first time @ hand sewing on clothing! It definitely has 70's feel I luv!
Itz the beginning of Somethin Groovy...

No I'm not showing off my chest!!

Peace of Apple Design :-)


Sunrise Rainbow Hemp

Well after toolin round Etsy I found the perfecto Hemp for my Macrame Designs! I think the name says it all!!!
I can't wait till I get it!!

U probably can't tell the beautiful factor in this pic, but check out the hemp beauties on this site were I got it from & jewelry she makes w it! Love that gradiated rainbow look!!
Awesome Rainbow hemp designs!


Fallin in Luv w Macrame Necklace

Itz that time of year in Cali when the weather turns fall likish, & the leaves fall & we pretend it's getting cold out! Hoodies, Ogg's, jeans & long sleeve tops! What fun!!!

To commemorate this changin of seasons my Macrame Jewelry will reflect it! I'm of course also working on Endless Summer Pieces too!!!!

Here's my latest piece I decided to covet!

It has different styles of glass leaves that gently dangle & a kooky kewl resin tree matte pendant that completes this hempy natural dyed macrame necklace w two coconut shell beads for closure!

Itz so amazingly comfortable! Look for some of my latest pieces in my Etsy Shoppe this weekend!


We Luv LB

Oh my oh my, Sat. was such a awe-inspiring day of bliss! We trucked up to LB for late afternoon/evening fun.

First let me mention that we will be living in Downtown LB in three weeks!!! I am beyond excited!!

And almost all the spots we hit were within a few blocks off our new pad!!

We had lunch @ Zephyrs Vegetarian Resturaunt. What a gas that place is! While there I was told about Food not Bombs LB Group & a Yoga Studio that is strictly on donation basis (1/2 blk from our pad!).
The food was yummy!!!!!

We then headed to the harbor & drove around finding some very kewl spots!!!

Had to stop @ $1 Bookstore! Found vintage Big Bubble Book, Macrame Book & two design books from 70's! All for $4 & change!!!

Stopped by the locale Starbucks & there was such a nice vibe (for Starbucks that is)! I was told everyone knows each other & it's a locale friendly vibe down there!
I felt it & was feelin the Cali luv.

We ended by going to a AA meeting.
It was small & intimat…