More Really is More w Moving!

We started packing for our upcoming move (no were not in witness protection program!!)

Im soooo proud of Tony! He has so learned to let go of his attachment to stuff, which isn't a easy feat! Thanx to his growth in this area we can comfortably live in a one bdrm nicely!
Especially since I'm all about simplistic living!

Moving is...
So easy!
All I need materially is my Nook (Sooo nice to have 170 books on my Nook & no moving them!!), 10inch Dell Mini Inspiron, jewelry designing supplies, art journaling & embroidery supplies & iPhone. All which takes up three medium size boxes!
I don't own a lot of clothing, shoes, purses & cosmetics, at all!
I do purge every three months, although anymore I don't have much to purge!!

Funny how Tony has more clothes then me!!

I'm so not Orange County!!!!

What bout u? Is it time to purge?


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