We Luv LB

Oh my oh my, Sat. was such a awe-inspiring day of bliss! We trucked up to LB for late afternoon/evening fun.

First let me mention that we will be living in Downtown LB in three weeks!!! I am beyond excited!!

And almost all the spots we hit were within a few blocks off our new pad!!

We had lunch @ Zephyrs Vegetarian Resturaunt. What a gas that place is! While there I was told about Food not Bombs LB Group & a Yoga Studio that is strictly on donation basis (1/2 blk from our pad!).
The food was yummy!!!!!

We then headed to the harbor & drove around finding some very kewl spots!!!

Had to stop @ $1 Bookstore! Found vintage Big Bubble Book, Macrame Book & two design books from 70's! All for $4 & change!!!

Stopped by the locale Starbucks & there was such a nice vibe (for Starbucks that is)! I was told everyone knows each other & it's a locale friendly vibe down there!
I felt it & was feelin the Cali luv.

We ended by going to a AA meeting.
It was small & intimate & I was the only grrl! It may have been the most real & healing meeting I've been to since Ventura days!

And everyone really took time to make me feel welcome, it felt like home already. I got my soul feed that day & went home content!

What a Awesome & totally righteous bike rack?!!

This is actually a VW Bus we passed on the way to LB!! It was hard to get a good shot w iPhone & speeding by!

Have a gre8t Monday!


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