Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Glittery Seashell Ornaments DIY

Thank u Martha S! I luv anything Beachy & Holiday! And this is so darn kewl! Super Easy Peasy!
From: Martha Stewart.com

Channeling childhood summers on Cape Cod, crafts director Hannah Milman created a from-the-sea tree. Shells, sea stars, and sand dollars are dusted with glitter -- a single color, or two shades blended for an ombre effect -- or simply left as is.


Tun shell (seashellcity.com)
Glue pen
Glitter (Martha Stewart Crafts, from Michaels)
Metallic cord
Hot-glue gun
1 pearl bead (lavalierenyc.com)

Striped Shell How-To
1. The natural spots on a tun shell provide the "dots" on these ornaments. Using a glue pen (ours appears blue but dries clear), work in sections to add stripes to shell.

2. Sprinkle with glitter; gently tap to remove excess, and let dry.

3. Make hanging loop from metallic cord: Hot-glue knotted end of loop to inside tip of shell. Slip 1 pearl bead over loop, and secure in place with a dot of glue.

My dilemma..Gets Answered

Matt @ at Three New Leaves sent me the reply to my ? I sent to him Regarding being a Minimalist & a Indie Crafter...
Read Matt's reply below!

Hi, Shanti!

Thanks for contacting me.

Regarding your question, I'm not sure it's a problem you need to fix. :) The way I look at it, minimalism has two parts: eliminating the stuff you don't need, but keeping the stuff that you do. I'm assuming you love being an indie crafter, right? If that's the case, then all the stuff you need for your work is exactly that: stuff you need. You can't do your work without it, so why restrict yourself from pursuing your passion?

That bookshelf might not look very minimalistic, but I'd say it is. It's an entire bookshelf of things you need (and want to have!) in order to do something you love, which sounds minimalistic to me. :)

What do you think? Did I misunderstand your question?

Let me know! I'm happy to talk about it some more. This is a great question, Shanti, and something I'd like to write about in a future post. Do you mind if I use your question (and situation) as the example I discuss?

Talk to you soon!

- Matt

My Originally Post to Matt:

Hi Matt!
I just found ur blog & luv it!
I'm a minimalist/indie crafter & sometimes IC overshadows my minimalist wanna be life!

I buy used 70's craft magazines, new crafty mags, used & some new books, and crafty supplies for my crochet, beading, art journaling, embroidery, and more. I have a Billie Ikea Bookshelf full of my cre8tif goodies.

The rest of my life is minimalist! I use a nook to read, so I only have dozen or so Dead Tree Books, our apt is very minimalist decorated, no nick nacks, empty walls, etc. My side closet isn't full & I only one 6 pairs shoes (including flip-flops), I Freecycle my stuff whenever I feel cluttered I gave up cable, I walk almost everywhere, etc ..

My hardest thing is w crafty goodies.. For most Indie Crafters they would laugh @ the measle amount of supplies since most dedicate a room to crafty endeavors!

do u have any suggestions on how to stop, eliminate my habit?
It keeps me from full on minalistic lifestyle vibe!

Thank u!

One Hundred Thing Challenge

I've recently heard about this... Its about paring down ur personal items to 100 things!

I've been doin it awhile but never thought to list ALL my personal (not shared items, and u can group socks, underwear).

The website/blog is A Guy Named Dave and his blog is thumbs up!

I'm going to work in the list this week. See where it takes me!

A wonderful lady (Pam) commented on Facebook about my recent post: My Dilemma. Pam said that my crafty supplies give me so much joy & to be easy on myself & desire to move deeper into the minimalist movement!

After much thought, Pam is right. I look @ my cre8tif goodies & my heart skips a beat! I know there just "things", but they do still make me happy!
If & when they stop makin me smile, it will be time to let them go! I may use them all, I may not. But to have all my crea8tif stash together to look at & read, play w etc., is inspiring to ME!
Thank u Pam!!!!


Monday, November 29, 2010

Nice Saying...

A careless word may kindle strife; a cruel word may wreck a life; a timely word
may level stress; a loving word may heal and bless.
Author Unknown

Pic Unknown

$1 Bookstore Finds Part 1

I live 1/2 block from a large butt $1 bookstore!!!!!
Yes I'm in nirvana!
Anyhoo I go in every week to see if they got new stash in & this past week to my good fortune they got in a pallet of magazines!!!!
They had a awesome sale 2 for $1!!!
I'm gonna post some of kewl ones I scored!

FamilyCircle Great Ideas
Christmas Helps

Do u remember this one?


Freakin Cute goodz to whip up!

Sew Sweater pillows! A timeless chair & craft!

Cute stuff huh?
Inspire, Desire, Require


My dilemma...

I just found a gre8t minimalist movement blog calledThree New Leaves
and have been enjoying reading Matt's posts!

I wanted to share the email I sent him & rat myself out!

Hi Matt!

I'm a minimalist/indie crafter & sometimes IC overshadows my minimalist wanna be life!

I buy used 70's craft magazines, new crafty mags, used & some new books, and crafty supplies for my crochet, beading, art journaling, embroidery, and more. I have a Billie Ikea Bookshelf full of my cre8tif goodies.

The rest of my life is minimalist! I use a nook to read, so I only have dozen or so Dead Tree Books, our apt is very minimalist decorated, no nick nacks, empty walls, etc. My side closet isn't full & I only one 6 pairs shoes (including flip-flops), I Freecycle my stuff whenever I feel cluttered I gave up cable, I walk almost everywhere, etc ..

My hardest thing is w crafty goodies.. For most Indie Crafters they would laugh @ the measle amount of supplies since most dedicate a room to crafty endeavors!

do u have any suggestions on how to stop, eliminate my habit?
It keeps me from full on minalistic lifestyle vibe!

I will post his response... I really wanna let go of this obsession w crafty goodies!

Pic: Source Unknown

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Redondo Beach View

Hubby & I took a little journey in the car up to Torrance & Redondo Beach.

Tony wanted me to see where a old fav movie of mine Lifeguard
(w Sam Elliott) was shot in the 70's... So we went up to Redondo & Torrance Beach to see the view!

It was pretty nippy freakin cold!

But I managed a few pics!

Lovely view, lovely place!!

More Beach Luv!

Lifeguard Stand (didn't see Sam Elliott though!)

It was a fun drive all in all!!


Blogger Blues (not mine)

Who Who Who??

Ok catz outta day bag! I follow over 500 blogs on Google Reader on my iPhone! I luv to read whatz what w others trudging road to happy Destiny thru Indie Crafting & Beyond!

I mean I read a few hundred post a day! Lottza times Itz just pictures!

My interest varies, but for most part has a cre8tif thread running thru the posts I read. I luv luv blogs! They can be personal, professional, fun, funky, uptight, real or unreal!

I think everyone should have one!

I recently turned my comments off. I don't get a ton but decided that I'm writing 4 me. Not for that a boys! I can fall into that & I don't want too. This blog has been round 4 years, and I plan on it having a long healthy future, but I don't wanna cre8te any stress for myself in this area of my life!!! I like it to be my little sanctuary of incorruptible bliss!

With this being said I read a blog post today where blogger didn't think they were doin enuff to get more readers, sponsors, etc. She felt like a failure. She has bunches of readers, and is pretty darn successful!

This was my comment to her (p.s. I rarely ever comment!)

Hey u!
I just found ur blog & really dig it! I follow over 500 blogs in Reader & urz is ons of my favs! I rarely comment, but wanted to say I blog for me. As a Artist (I just posted something about this) I have to stay in my heart, not
my head. Thinkin to much. I blog 4 me, my journey.. Turned off comments, (I don't get a ton), most folx comment thru facebook were my blog post go. I don't wanna stress myself out, be out of wack w my thinkin on my writing & pic posting. My blog is gonna be round for long haul (4 years already) and I don't wanna get overwhelmed! Less is more 4 me! Minimalist living & takin it easy w myself!

I hope it helped her too feel a bit more relaxed & hopeful. It reaffirmed for me where I'm at now!

Owl Porn

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Downtown Long Beach Date

My Broh in Law came to visit our new pad & chum around w us today!
We walked to Arts District & checked out some kickin shoppes & LB Funk... I was able toshoot some pics w my iPhone & Apps...

Kewl Funky Arts District Park! Luv luv scroll work!

Luv the artwork on side wall of 2nd Street somewhere?! Says alot of beautiful things about Luv!

Holiday Dress Up Funky Store Display!

Sipology Coffee House Art Gallery

Fun Walking Jellfish!!! Surreal!!
Reminds me of Florida fa sure!

Artist for both pieces..

Long Beach Beach :-) colorful little fun beach Shack!

We ate, shopped @ $1 bookstore were I got some vintage mags (2 for $1!), we rode on passport, walked Harbour & Beach & did a bit of window shopping, Coffee Sipping to keep warm! A very funlaxing day!


As a Artist...

Itz so easy to get caught up in brain mainframe instead of da heart..

Happens all time 4 me, what I should cre8te (popular, sell ability,etc), rather then what I want to cre8te (that may represent internal strife,etc).

My Spiritual growth is parallel w my cre8tif growth.. Always..

More I work on Little ole me, more my cre8tif life expands!
Being cre8tif is the sole of who I am, w/o it I perish. My sole withers & part of me shrinks & dies..

Much like my recovery program.

So gettin gloves out, Rollin up sleeves, puttin on my work clothes & diggin in, to see what I find & examine it, get rid of it (if necessary) and fertilize w luv & watch me grow.

One step @ time, one day @ time, in the now life is perfect I just gotta catch a glance of that once in a while!

Picture Source Unknown 70's Book

Friday, November 26, 2010

Tall Mouse Today

Ok I did mention getting some yarn for my new turn on Crochet.

It just happened to be I was near Cerritos & I wanted to stop in to get my gear @ Tall Mouse Outlet Cerritos I did have 30% off coupon too but they do that every week.

So no big black Friday deal! Really! I was able to score 18 rolls of nice yarn for $20! I also got few Crochet hooks for $1.99!

The Yarn sale is everyday! Thatz like $1.11 a roll!!! They even had Pom Pom yarn!

There are white plain labels on the yarn ?!? So no tellin who the manufacture is, but for beginner grrl Itz perfecto!
Now time to make some goodies!

Shout out to Pam who didn't do shopping thing today & was spending on a nap!

Shout out to Deann & family for forgoing shopping to hang out w Tony & me!

And to all my pals who didn't participate in the Chaos!


Mar Vista MA Thankxgiving Marathon

I was so blissed to be able to attend the last half of the All day Marijuana Anonymous Thankxgiving Day event Potluck x Meetings!

It is so hard sometimes to get out of my comfort zone. I usually just wanna wallow in sameness. WE ate on and off fun thankxgiving food yesterday and watched marathon Alfred Hitchcock Hour Shows on Hulu on our TV. We decided to go late in the day and even though I was a bit nervy I felt like the trup would be worth it (oh yah did I mention I hate the traffic around here and try like HE__ not to participate in it!) and I would come away knowing more about the MA folx in LA County!

Letz just say there was so much yummy food, gre8t friendly warm people and conversation! I am so glad we went! IT was so worth it and then some. I guess itz true, ya gotta go out on the limb to get to the fruit!

I meet some kewl peeps and a older wise sage of a women who has 23 years in MA recovery. She was one of three people (the other two have since relapsed) who signed the corporation papers for MA. She is part of the real deal history that Life w Hope (MA Book) talks about. She had wise advice about the new meeting I started in Long Beach last Sunday. And she spoke alot about being here now! One of my fav books!

She was actually the speaker at the meeting and I learned so much more about her. I asked her to be my sponsor and she said yes. It is so what I wanted someone who has long term MA recovery and I can finally work my Steps with her thru the MA workbook.

I was also blissed to meet a awesome young lady to sponsor & nice young man. Now that I offically have sponsor I'm feelin good about this step in my recovery, here & now!

It is gre8t when I step out of me even if I am a bit nervy and just go and do. I always end up w a enriched experience (always when it has to do w recovery!) ...

In the meeting there were alot of folx w double digits and that is awesome MA recovery. A really kewl lady picked up her 5 year chip! I was so happy to be there when that happened. We had a strong connection, she gave me her email and I know we will become good friends.

What saved my a__ in OC was Marijuana Anonymous! It was the only real thing I felt I could hang onto! It was gre8t to walk into a room of ex stoners and know that I could truly let it all hang out.. I luv luv AA but I cant really share my Marijuana stuff ever there, which I shouldn't and don't ever! I respect AA but MA fits me like a Tee... A well worn, w holes in it and red, yellow, green and black w Bob Marley on it Tee!

I am blissed to live in Long Beach and be part of the MA community I am so thankful for my recovery! I am going to have 12 years on Jan 31 2011. I am excited to start a new chapter in my recovery life!

Day of Deliciousness

Yummmmmy day planned!!

My tootsies aching for Reflexology!

Upon rising today I've made a choice to pamper myself today! I'm going to a Yoga class one block away @ INFINITE YOGA the class is called Hippie Yoga (apropos!) and then to RIVINI SALON for a $25 Foot Reflexology Treatment!

And maybe a meal & movie! FYI JOHNNY ROCKETS has a movie & meal deal $11.99 (burger but u can substitute veggie burger!!) Movie & Johnny Rockets are two blocks away from our Apt!

Low keyed & healing w lots of fun sprinkled on top!


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Celebr8te Buy Nothing Day!

Yes Itz a actual day & Itz celebr8ted on Black Friday!

The first Buy Nothing Day was in Vancouver, Canada in 1992, & has since become an annual phenomenon, celebrated in over 65 countries. The fact that it falls on Black Friday—the “biggest shopping day of the year”—is no coincidence. Buy Nothing Day is about taking a pause, really thinking about the things we buy & the consequences of those actions.

“For 24 hours, millions of people around the world do not participate — in the doomsday economy, the marketing mind-games, and the frantic consumer-binge that’s become our culture. We pause. We make a small choice not to shop. We shrink our footprint and gain some calm. Together we say: enough is enough. And we help build this movement to rethink our unsustainable course.” (adbusters.org)

Letz bake, sew, knit, make & just enjoy our day w family & friends! If u do have to shoppe choose Etsy & Shoppe Handmade! Or shoppe locale small mom & pops!

For me I'm going to visit a Bestie, have lunch, maybe pick up a crochet hook & couple ballz of yarn.. To practice crocheting basics.

Maybe just Maybe stop off @ Trader Joes for some food yum, but thatz necessary stuff!


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thank U

If the only prayer you said in your whole life was, "thank you,"
that would suffice.
~ Meister Eckhart


Picture: Draw!Pilgrim

Karma Luv

Well at least today!


Happy Thankxgiving Bliss

I took a fun pic of my minimalist Thanxgiving Decor! I found a small canvas, painted Chalkboard Paint on it & displayed it on a small Easel a awesome friend of mine gave me recently! I also have a few different size little pumpkins & pumpkin garland I found @ Dollar Tree!

I used Hipsmatic App (shook it & did several random styles), then I used Photo Studio App to crop & add a few fun tweaks, then Instagram App (luv it, new to me),
And voile! I luv trying different styles like this w my pics!! I also am going to giveaway my Lomo Cameras... Minimalism esp since I have a iPhone w Apps Galore (makes up 4 the crummy camera!)..

Hipsmatic App Pic..

Photo Studio App

Instagram App! My Fav!

Happy Thankxgiving!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Holiday Magazine Bliss

I don't buy alot of mags anymore! I use to!!! But being more conscious of my choices of Green Friendly living has changed my obsession into a occasional mag here & there!

Hubby & I walked to Pike Harbour Area Friday Nite & we stopped into Borders & found these two must have mags!!

I'm finally learning Crochet so the Special Issue of Crochet Today I had to have!
Then I gushed over BHG Holiday Crafts. It features kewl designs from assorted Etsy Sellers (mostly)!! Luv it!

Following pics from BHG Holiday Crafts!

Holiday Crafts Crochet Snowflake Garland!

Sweater Dresses Vases!

Redwork Embroidery! Gotta try it! Shanti Style!

Felt Wreath!

Following Pics from Crochet Today!

Lime Lacey Coasters!

Sunny Scrubbys!

There are alot more ideas in CT, but beyond my limited skills @ this time!

Today the back has flared up & well it maybe weather or overdoing it... So lots of water, hot bath, reading today..

Fall is here in S Cali!


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Downtown Long Beach Lite Show

Wanted to post a few pics of the Holiday Lite Spirit LB has on display! Views are from our balcony!

I'm feelin very Holiday Today! Had nice Potless Potluck Giving Thanks Event For MA @ Terry's new home in Costa Mesa! House was beautiful & event was awesome!

iPhone Picture Sadness!

Tonyz Made w Luv Salsa/Guacamole Dip was huge success!!
Much MA Luv!


Swishy Starbucks Holiday Freebie

I just read this & wanted to share the Holiday giving Spirit of Starbucks!

Special deal at starbucks today and tomorrow. between 2 - 5 o'clock, you can buy one holiday drink and get the second drink free!

Not to brag but were so blessed! When we moved into Archstone City Place Downtown LB we got a preferred card & the nice people @ The Coffee Grind downstairs from where we live offer residences of Archstone City Place a buy one drink get one free when we present the card for as long as we reside there!!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dolphin Research Center Sad News

From the DRC Blog:

Dolphin Research Center is deeply sorry to share the news that Calusa's calf died early this afternoon. In observing him since his birth last Saturday, we recognized that he was not thriving the way that he should in his first days. DRC's Animal Care Committee was looking at ways to intervene and supplement, but the baby's condition rapidly deteriorated.

Calusa was proving herself an excellent mom and did all that she could to nurture the baby. Unfortunately, in every animal species, the youngest are the most delicate. There is an even higher mortality risk for a female's first calf. Sadly, not all who are born survive.

All of us in the DRC family appreciate your concern and support.DRC Blog

Reiki & Healing are on the way for Calusa & all affected by passing of her Calf.


Fallin into Holiday Vibe

R U?

LB City worker dudes were busy yesterday putting up Garland, Bows & lights on the old fashion street light right outside our balcony for the coming Holidayz!

At nite itz like a Festive Event w lights flickering!

When I first got into recovery I couldn't stand the Holidayz, and over the years I've started to really dig them, feelin that child like Holiday energy that this time of the year brings!

Goals Holiday 2010
I'm going to be starting on some Holiday embroidery art & make some fun garland as well as decorate the accent wall thatz blank w a Holiday Scene! Ala Felt!
Make some Gluten Free Organic Yummy Baked Treats & take pics of our fun pink holiday tree & decor!

Ok here's a fun pic from Better Homes & Garden's Thanksgiving Table Decorating Ideas!

Simple but tasteful! Yummy! I heart that Mag! Such gre8t design ideas! Gush!


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

AUM Sign Embroidery Luv 2

Another Sublime Stitch Design I improvised! This time it went smoother!

Went from this too....

I used colour again & did a bit of shading. Then cut Eco friendly felt to finish the back and now itz ready to hang on the wall!
It's a gift for my Hubby's Office he is getting promoted next week~

Now I'm gonna start tracing some funky Holiday Designs!

Sunshine Bliss