As a Artist...

Itz so easy to get caught up in brain mainframe instead of da heart..

Happens all time 4 me, what I should cre8te (popular, sell ability,etc), rather then what I want to cre8te (that may represent internal strife,etc).

My Spiritual growth is parallel w my cre8tif growth.. Always..

More I work on Little ole me, more my cre8tif life expands!
Being cre8tif is the sole of who I am, w/o it I perish. My sole withers & part of me shrinks & dies..

Much like my recovery program.

So gettin gloves out, Rollin up sleeves, puttin on my work clothes & diggin in, to see what I find & examine it, get rid of it (if necessary) and fertilize w luv & watch me grow.

One step @ time, one day @ time, in the now life is perfect I just gotta catch a glance of that once in a while!

Picture Source Unknown 70's Book

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