Tuesday, November 16, 2010

AUM Sign Embroidery Fun

I finally am getting to designs I added to from Sublime Stitch. I used my Transfer Light Box ($12 score Aliso Viejo Michael's!) to put them on fabric w pen ink that disappears after becoming wet! It is a funkified AUM Sign. Not meant to be perfect but definitely quirky!
I stitched it up while doing laundry & watching Alfred Hitchcock Presents on Netflix.
This morning I put a Eco friendly felt on backside & then stitched it on my colorful around the town & beyond bookstyle over the shoulder bag!

I didn't even realize I used the same colour as my bag!

I know looks tiny on bag but in real time it looks just right! Long live 70's Craft Viva La Revolution!

This is it after some Colour added!
Kewl huh??!