Blogger Blues (not mine)

Who Who Who??

Ok catz outta day bag! I follow over 500 blogs on Google Reader on my iPhone! I luv to read whatz what w others trudging road to happy Destiny thru Indie Crafting & Beyond!

I mean I read a few hundred post a day! Lottza times Itz just pictures!

My interest varies, but for most part has a cre8tif thread running thru the posts I read. I luv luv blogs! They can be personal, professional, fun, funky, uptight, real or unreal!

I think everyone should have one!

I recently turned my comments off. I don't get a ton but decided that I'm writing 4 me. Not for that a boys! I can fall into that & I don't want too. This blog has been round 4 years, and I plan on it having a long healthy future, but I don't wanna cre8te any stress for myself in this area of my life!!! I like it to be my little sanctuary of incorruptible bliss!

With this being said I read a blog post today where blogger didn't think they were doin enuff to get more readers, sponsors, etc. She felt like a failure. She has bunches of readers, and is pretty darn successful!

This was my comment to her (p.s. I rarely ever comment!)

Hey u!
I just found ur blog & really dig it! I follow over 500 blogs in Reader & urz is ons of my favs! I rarely comment, but wanted to say I blog for me. As a Artist (I just posted something about this) I have to stay in my heart, not
my head. Thinkin to much. I blog 4 me, my journey.. Turned off comments, (I don't get a ton), most folx comment thru facebook were my blog post go. I don't wanna stress myself out, be out of wack w my thinkin on my writing & pic posting. My blog is gonna be round for long haul (4 years already) and I don't wanna get overwhelmed! Less is more 4 me! Minimalist living & takin it easy w myself!

I hope it helped her too feel a bit more relaxed & hopeful. It reaffirmed for me where I'm at now!

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