Celebr8te Buy Nothing Day!

Yes Itz a actual day & Itz celebr8ted on Black Friday!

The first Buy Nothing Day was in Vancouver, Canada in 1992, & has since become an annual phenomenon, celebrated in over 65 countries. The fact that it falls on Black Friday—the “biggest shopping day of the year”—is no coincidence. Buy Nothing Day is about taking a pause, really thinking about the things we buy & the consequences of those actions.

“For 24 hours, millions of people around the world do not participate — in the doomsday economy, the marketing mind-games, and the frantic consumer-binge that’s become our culture. We pause. We make a small choice not to shop. We shrink our footprint and gain some calm. Together we say: enough is enough. And we help build this movement to rethink our unsustainable course.” (adbusters.org)

Letz bake, sew, knit, make & just enjoy our day w family & friends! If u do have to shoppe choose Etsy & Shoppe Handmade! Or shoppe locale small mom & pops!

For me I'm going to visit a Bestie, have lunch, maybe pick up a crochet hook & couple ballz of yarn.. To practice crocheting basics.

Maybe just Maybe stop off @ Trader Joes for some food yum, but thatz necessary stuff!


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