Crafty Project 4 New Place

I totally forgot to Blog this last week! T found cute old school coffee table in trash area of our old Apt Complex in Aliso Viejo. The top was a bit scratched & I instantly thought Chalkboard paint here we come!

I was lucky enuff to find it at our Wal Mart (walking distance). I don't normally go there but I didn't have to drive!

I hand sanded the top, painted w foam brush a layer of paint, waited 45 minutes, then painted another coat. Then u let it sit 24hours & lightly dust it w chalk. Then it's ready to use! I've done a few designs on it, but realized we couldn't put anything on the table due to chalk dust! So the pics are of sayings & small drawings on edge away from couch so we can use it as well as create on it!

I wrote original to moi short quips & thoughts!
I'm probably going to add new artwork to it every week!

T even wrote Tony luvs Shanti! on the blackboard coffee table! It was worth doing if only for that!!!


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