Glittery Seashell Ornaments DIY

Thank u Martha S! I luv anything Beachy & Holiday! And this is so darn kewl! Super Easy Peasy!
From: Martha

Channeling childhood summers on Cape Cod, crafts director Hannah Milman created a from-the-sea tree. Shells, sea stars, and sand dollars are dusted with glitter -- a single color, or two shades blended for an ombre effect -- or simply left as is.


Tun shell (
Glue pen
Glitter (Martha Stewart Crafts, from Michaels)
Metallic cord
Hot-glue gun
1 pearl bead (

Striped Shell How-To
1. The natural spots on a tun shell provide the "dots" on these ornaments. Using a glue pen (ours appears blue but dries clear), work in sections to add stripes to shell.

2. Sprinkle with glitter; gently tap to remove excess, and let dry.

3. Make hanging loop from metallic cord: Hot-glue knotted end of loop to inside tip of shell. Slip 1 pearl bead over loop, and secure in place with a dot of glue.

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