Holiday Magazine Bliss

I don't buy alot of mags anymore! I use to!!! But being more conscious of my choices of Green Friendly living has changed my obsession into a occasional mag here & there!

Hubby & I walked to Pike Harbour Area Friday Nite & we stopped into Borders & found these two must have mags!!

I'm finally learning Crochet so the Special Issue of Crochet Today I had to have!
Then I gushed over BHG Holiday Crafts. It features kewl designs from assorted Etsy Sellers (mostly)!! Luv it!

Following pics from BHG Holiday Crafts!

Holiday Crafts Crochet Snowflake Garland!

Sweater Dresses Vases!

Redwork Embroidery! Gotta try it! Shanti Style!

Felt Wreath!

Following Pics from Crochet Today!

Lime Lacey Coasters!

Sunny Scrubbys!

There are alot more ideas in CT, but beyond my limited skills @ this time!

Today the back has flared up & well it maybe weather or overdoing it... So lots of water, hot bath, reading today..

Fall is here in S Cali!


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