Less is More Deux 2

Posting Madness!

Lately the posts have been coming left & right! In da groove!

I am going w flow on this blog lately. I've had it in some form or another for over 4 years & I go thru periods where I'm blogging like crazy, then I disappear for a bit. Itz just cyclical like life I figured out awhile ago....

Since our most recent move we've made some much needed changes that shows me when ur in ur groove everything falls into place (ok re reminder on that lesson!).

•Invested in Roku Internet TV Device Box
(watch Netflix Streaming movies, shows & more!)
Hula Plus will be available by end of the year!
No more Cable or Dish Bills
$10.00 monthly for Netflix
Total cost: $89 for Device Box (tiny!)

•Signed on for MiFi (Internet Anywhere) w Clear
(3G & 4G Internet on the go & at home)
$35 month for first two months $61 after that but can cancel anytime! Yes kinda pricey, but we may try & renegotiate after two months are up! Gre8t reception streams movies on Roku!

•Cancelled Texting, and downgraded to 450 minutes for iPhone. Use the App Text Free which gives u a cell number Free too!
So I text for free over WiFi or 3G & bought 100 minutes Talk Time for $1.99! They sell 500 minutes for $10! With a Free Cell number!

•Walk almost everywhere! Driving is becoming a thing of the past! Albertsons is 2 1/2 blocks away, Walmart is 2 blocks away, and lotz more! Fresh & Easy is opening 1 block away by end of the year! Now we really like Trader Joe's & Whole Foods but there is a small grocery store called Crests that is all Organic a block away!!

•Walk to Beach for nightly fun! Doggies went w us last nite!
(read where couples who walk together have more "true" intimacy & stay together!)

•Started using Passport FREE Bus service to Harbour, Beach, etc!

Where is this all leading too?
Simplified living w panache, paying off debt, decluttering our life & realizing our dreamz! And sharing this way of livin w otherz!

Goals for further Decluttering

•Let go of "stuff" in small storage unit & save $40 monthly! Hubby isn't ready for this one yet...

•Pay off small debts & cancel credit cards

•Sell Truck & keep Scion & be a one car family

•Further downsizing of Stuff!

•Go on one month Spending Fast! Only buying food & toiletries

•When we celebrate Hanukkah (we decided to embrace my Jewish bloodline) Gifts will be gift certificates for services, ebook gift cards, etc

I am already thinking about 2011 Goals & Dreamz!

Can't wait to start a new recycled book journal (although this year I'm going to get one big enuff where I can use it a few years in a row!)


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