Less Stuff More Time

As most of u all know we are Urban Gypsies! Moving seems to be a past time for us (no not really!). And cause of that we have had to keep slicing away at what possessions possess us!
FreecycleCheck Them Out! is a gre8t way to pass on your things to others & I've meet some wonderful people thru it!

And yet we still have two much stuff!!! At least for me. We comfortably live in a hipsterlicous one bedroom Apt & to most we are minimalist.... But we had to rent a pretty small storage space of stuff my hubby can't or won't give up!
Which leads me to this thought, at what point do we morph into what we own? Possessed by our Possessions? Can't let it go cause we "need" it? Will use it someday? In our society we have made consumerism a national pastime, a down right art form. Yet we keep jobs were unfulfilled in & let our dreams just pass us by cause of the need for stuff & prestige, etc.
My ? is... What do we truly "need"? What's ur list?

Mine is:
iPhone (email,blogging,reading,mapquesting,calendar,notes,alarm,web, music library, camera)

Nook (downloading books, reading outside, PDF files, library as big as I want & audiobooks)

Crafty Supplies (art journaling supplies that fit in small box, needlework supplies fits in another small box, jewelry making supplies fits in medium size box, also vintage craft books, yarn, fabric, drawing & tracing supplies that I have in Ikea Bookshelf)

9inch Dell Laptop & CDrom portable (more web surfing, working) eventually will replace this w a tablet.

I don't own alot of clothes, I just have fav's I wash alot.. Shoes maybe 6 pairs & 4 pairs of flip flops.. Purses 4. Tote bags? There my weakness 6! All really kewl too!!

A few items for my spiritual path Tibetan singing bowls, prayer beads, stones

About dozen or so dead tree books that I have had a while.

Those are what I would want in a deserted island. But I still think I'm a slave to stuff!

At one time about 20 some years ago I renounced things & I had it down to two medium size plastic bags full of stuff. I wasn't homeless just had to move & that's all I needed! I prided myself on that! After all I've never seen a Uhaul behind a Hearst!

Can I do it again? Well I have a hubby & two doggies now, so more attachments, more stuff.
But I'd like to try, for our sake!

Our dreams of living in a motor home traveling & running it on bio diesel are not going to pass us by!

One of my New Years revolution is to pay off debts! Starting w small ones, then conquering bigger ones! We started it this year so I know we will be free eventually so we can live our dream of simplistic living w style!

What's ur dream?


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