Mar Vista MA Thankxgiving Marathon

I was so blissed to be able to attend the last half of the All day Marijuana Anonymous Thankxgiving Day event Potluck x Meetings!

It is so hard sometimes to get out of my comfort zone. I usually just wanna wallow in sameness. WE ate on and off fun thankxgiving food yesterday and watched marathon Alfred Hitchcock Hour Shows on Hulu on our TV. We decided to go late in the day and even though I was a bit nervy I felt like the trup would be worth it (oh yah did I mention I hate the traffic around here and try like HE__ not to participate in it!) and I would come away knowing more about the MA folx in LA County!

Letz just say there was so much yummy food, gre8t friendly warm people and conversation! I am so glad we went! IT was so worth it and then some. I guess itz true, ya gotta go out on the limb to get to the fruit!

I meet some kewl peeps and a older wise sage of a women who has 23 years in MA recovery. She was one of three people (the other two have since relapsed) who signed the corporation papers for MA. She is part of the real deal history that Life w Hope (MA Book) talks about. She had wise advice about the new meeting I started in Long Beach last Sunday. And she spoke alot about being here now! One of my fav books!

She was actually the speaker at the meeting and I learned so much more about her. I asked her to be my sponsor and she said yes. It is so what I wanted someone who has long term MA recovery and I can finally work my Steps with her thru the MA workbook.

I was also blissed to meet a awesome young lady to sponsor & nice young man. Now that I offically have sponsor I'm feelin good about this step in my recovery, here & now!

It is gre8t when I step out of me even if I am a bit nervy and just go and do. I always end up w a enriched experience (always when it has to do w recovery!) ...

In the meeting there were alot of folx w double digits and that is awesome MA recovery. A really kewl lady picked up her 5 year chip! I was so happy to be there when that happened. We had a strong connection, she gave me her email and I know we will become good friends.

What saved my a__ in OC was Marijuana Anonymous! It was the only real thing I felt I could hang onto! It was gre8t to walk into a room of ex stoners and know that I could truly let it all hang out.. I luv luv AA but I cant really share my Marijuana stuff ever there, which I shouldn't and don't ever! I respect AA but MA fits me like a Tee... A well worn, w holes in it and red, yellow, green and black w Bob Marley on it Tee!

I am blissed to live in Long Beach and be part of the MA community I am so thankful for my recovery! I am going to have 12 years on Jan 31 2011. I am excited to start a new chapter in my recovery life!

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