My dilemma...

I just found a gre8t minimalist movement blog calledThree New Leaves
and have been enjoying reading Matt's posts!

I wanted to share the email I sent him & rat myself out!

Hi Matt!

I'm a minimalist/indie crafter & sometimes IC overshadows my minimalist wanna be life!

I buy used 70's craft magazines, new crafty mags, used & some new books, and crafty supplies for my crochet, beading, art journaling, embroidery, and more. I have a Billie Ikea Bookshelf full of my cre8tif goodies.

The rest of my life is minimalist! I use a nook to read, so I only have dozen or so Dead Tree Books, our apt is very minimalist decorated, no nick nacks, empty walls, etc. My side closet isn't full & I only one 6 pairs shoes (including flip-flops), I Freecycle my stuff whenever I feel cluttered I gave up cable, I walk almost everywhere, etc ..

My hardest thing is w crafty goodies.. For most Indie Crafters they would laugh @ the measle amount of supplies since most dedicate a room to crafty endeavors!

do u have any suggestions on how to stop, eliminate my habit?
It keeps me from full on minalistic lifestyle vibe!

I will post his response... I really wanna let go of this obsession w crafty goodies!

Pic: Source Unknown

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