My dilemma..Gets Answered

Matt @ at Three New Leaves sent me the reply to my ? I sent to him Regarding being a Minimalist & a Indie Crafter...
Read Matt's reply below!

Hi, Shanti!

Thanks for contacting me.

Regarding your question, I'm not sure it's a problem you need to fix. :) The way I look at it, minimalism has two parts: eliminating the stuff you don't need, but keeping the stuff that you do. I'm assuming you love being an indie crafter, right? If that's the case, then all the stuff you need for your work is exactly that: stuff you need. You can't do your work without it, so why restrict yourself from pursuing your passion?

That bookshelf might not look very minimalistic, but I'd say it is. It's an entire bookshelf of things you need (and want to have!) in order to do something you love, which sounds minimalistic to me. :)

What do you think? Did I misunderstand your question?

Let me know! I'm happy to talk about it some more. This is a great question, Shanti, and something I'd like to write about in a future post. Do you mind if I use your question (and situation) as the example I discuss?

Talk to you soon!

- Matt

My Originally Post to Matt:

Hi Matt!
I just found ur blog & luv it!
I'm a minimalist/indie crafter & sometimes IC overshadows my minimalist wanna be life!

I buy used 70's craft magazines, new crafty mags, used & some new books, and crafty supplies for my crochet, beading, art journaling, embroidery, and more. I have a Billie Ikea Bookshelf full of my cre8tif goodies.

The rest of my life is minimalist! I use a nook to read, so I only have dozen or so Dead Tree Books, our apt is very minimalist decorated, no nick nacks, empty walls, etc. My side closet isn't full & I only one 6 pairs shoes (including flip-flops), I Freecycle my stuff whenever I feel cluttered I gave up cable, I walk almost everywhere, etc ..

My hardest thing is w crafty goodies.. For most Indie Crafters they would laugh @ the measle amount of supplies since most dedicate a room to crafty endeavors!

do u have any suggestions on how to stop, eliminate my habit?
It keeps me from full on minalistic lifestyle vibe!

Thank u!

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