One Hundred Thing Challenge

I've recently heard about this... Its about paring down ur personal items to 100 things!

I've been doin it awhile but never thought to list ALL my personal (not shared items, and u can group socks, underwear).

The website/blog is A Guy Named Dave and his blog is thumbs up!

I'm going to work in the list this week. See where it takes me!

A wonderful lady (Pam) commented on Facebook about my recent post: My Dilemma. Pam said that my crafty supplies give me so much joy & to be easy on myself & desire to move deeper into the minimalist movement!

After much thought, Pam is right. I look @ my cre8tif goodies & my heart skips a beat! I know there just "things", but they do still make me happy!
If & when they stop makin me smile, it will be time to let them go! I may use them all, I may not. But to have all my crea8tif stash together to look at & read, play w etc., is inspiring to ME!
Thank u Pam!!!!


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