Sunshine All The Time

In my mind @ least!
I got this book the past Summer in Palm Springs called: Essentially Lilly. Itz about the style & pizzazz of Lilly Pulitzer the famous designer of Palm Beach Chic on cazual side!

She started out selling oranges (from her Hubby's Groves, whom she eventually divorced) to cooks of Elite Palm Beach Crew, then she opened a little place to sell her fresh squeezed juices... And since she got juice all over her she had a seamstress make some shifts for her w busy bright colours & designs to hide juice stains! Women dug here dresses & she would hang them up in her store & started selling a few & the rest is history of her empire!

Out of necessity comes success!

I luv the bright Fla Colours & designs make my face smile!
Here are a few Spring/Summer 2011 Dresses from her collection I adore!

Visit Lily Pulitzer

So freakin cute! I so need to learn to sew!!


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