Tall Mouse Today

Ok I did mention getting some yarn for my new turn on Crochet.

It just happened to be I was near Cerritos & I wanted to stop in to get my gear @ Tall Mouse Outlet Cerritos I did have 30% off coupon too but they do that every week.

So no big black Friday deal! Really! I was able to score 18 rolls of nice yarn for $20! I also got few Crochet hooks for $1.99!

The Yarn sale is everyday! Thatz like $1.11 a roll!!! They even had Pom Pom yarn!

There are white plain labels on the yarn ?!? So no tellin who the manufacture is, but for beginner grrl Itz perfecto!
Now time to make some goodies!

Shout out to Pam who didn't do shopping thing today & was spending on a nap!

Shout out to Deann & family for forgoing shopping to hang out w Tony & me!

And to all my pals who didn't participate in the Chaos!


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