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After Holiday Giftie!

I am so blessed to have gotten my wish of Nook Color! I Luav it! I also got some fun gift cards for B&N, Tall Mouse & Nordstroms!

I stopped into my neighborhood Borders & got two more gifties.

The book I really wanted for Xmas! I got $10.00 of the price too! Yah! Luav Luav Luav it! I'm going to try my hand @ a project a month out of this book!

Ok been lusting after this one 4 like ever! Best thing about it on clearance for $6.99!! OMGosh!!! Unreal! this is the holy Grail of Apt Design!
Gre8t ideas for decorating in small Apt spaces!!

Tony got Dalai Lama 2011 Desk Calendar 1/2 price, and Wayne Dyer Cd set Living in the balance ($3.99)!

All just cause I stopped into browse their Crochet Magazines!

- Shanti

BHG Quick & Easy Holiday Wall Decor

I Luav DIY Magazine from BHG. Itz absolutely stellar! here are some ideas inspired from Mag on BHG Website

Luav the festive look!!!! So easy & fun!


Kewl concept using Ceiling Medallions!

Set of Faux Christmas Presents Wall Decor! Luav it!

GaGa for Garland!

Simplistic but sweet!

More Garland <3!

- Shanti

Holiday Nook Color Dreamin..

Yes I admit it! Número Uno on my Holiday Wish list is Nook Color!

I'm in lust w this gadget! I have a Nook WiFi I got back in July (Luav it too!) but this is Nook on Hormones! Itz color, runs android (getting update to 2.2 Jan!) you can read magazines, surf Internet, use it as cookbook, view PDF craft books (need colour 4 this!), has built in night light (LCD) and B & N are going to have a slew of apps coming out next year for it! PS Pandora (which I also Luav) is a app on Nook Color!

Since I'm workin on Minimalist living I may sell my Nook WiFi, if my wish comes tru that is.

Although it takes up little room fa sure! I just don't need two eReaders!

Only thing is Nook Color is like a Laptop/IPad u can't read it outside in sun & I do likey to read outside (Nook eInk is gre8t 4 that!)
Decisions, Decisions!!!

Magazine reading


Nook Color & Nook Luav u Both!

- Shanti

Etsy Fun!

And no calories! Luav Luav Them!
July Hobby


What do want really I mean really for Xmas?

World peace, peeps getting along seeing w heart not head! I mean that would b da best gift ever!!!!!

Personally I don't real need much! I would like a Nook Color but itz not necessary like I'll die w/o it!

Toe socks to wear w my flip flops. Sunglasses that r reading glasses. B & N gift card (ebooks for my regular Nook), Michaels gift card (or Joanns), Nordstroms Rack gift card.

If I got Toe socks, sunglass readers & $30 B&N gift card that would be kewl!

Happier & more satisfied I am less I want! It really is inside job!

- Shanti

BHG Holiday Decorations 1975 Part 2

I Luav this 1975 book! So inspiring!! I wanted to share more pics!
Caution may cause u to crack a smile or two!

300 awe inspiring projects!

Oilcloth Beauties!!

How darlin? Right!

Hmmm not sure about this, but none the less crochet tree ornaments make this lady :-)

Huge Handmade Wax coated Ornaments! Ya gotta wear a Groovy Caftan w teased hair to decorate the tree!!

Yarn covered Cardboard Cuties!

Ahhh cute!

Luav these stockings!!!!!!!!

Up close view of them! Amazing!


So cre8tiv!

Luav them all!!

More Cuties!

So much 70's inspiration! 9 dayz till Christmas & more 70's Luav to come!


Groupon Deal For Holidays

I so wanted to share this kickin deal for all of u who live in Southern California!

I Luav Luav Groupon! I was lucky enuff to get a one years membership to MOCA in LA. It's good for four people, and for a huge amount of museums that reciprocate the membership! Yah!

$25 gets you a one-year family membership to the South Coast Botanic Garden (a $50 value)

Well this deal is also reciprocated by 250 other gardens & one of them is Japanese Gardens In Long Beach! This deal is for 2 adults & 2 children
I luv going to Gardens for serenity & calm!!

Here's Link

Would make gre8t Holiday Gift!!
- Shanti

Holiday 2010 Dream Book

After working on & off on this, tearing put pages, redoing the cover I think it's finally done!

For me it's more cre8tiv ideas, yummy recipes 4 sweetz, and blingalingaling! Alot of the ideas are from past & present Martha Stewart Living Mags. But also vintage Mags, Crafty Holiday Mags & more. Accumulation of a years worth of selectively collecting what caught my eye! I put it on our chalkboard coffee table & look thru it daily as I listen to Pandora Radio Holiday Rat Pack Music!

I used Handmade Christmas by Martha Stewart hardcover book.
I pulled out pages & kept some for the ideas. That was back drop. I tore out alot of pages from the various mags I had & glued then in the book just like that! I didn't want it too clean, purfecct lookin!

Cover Bliss

Inside cover Vintage representin!

2010 Bling!

Yummy Cheer!



Chai Eggnog Yum!

Gift Wrappy luav

MS Luav!

Gluten Free My Way Holiday Yums!

Strings of Candyland Bliss!

Blingy Silver Ornament luav!