BHG Holiday Decorations 1975

Luv this book! In gre8t shape & snagged it up @ $1 Bookstore!

Cover intrigue!

Vibrant Xmass Tree Luv!

Fun & Fab Tree!

This is hard to see but has felt colorful flowers intertwined in it Holiday Tree!

Bamboo Xmass Tree! Wow!

Citrus Fruit Holiday Contemporary Tree!

Felt Tree on Wall!!

Xmass Tree of Boxes!

Luv this Pinwheel Xmass Tree!

Lacey Holiday Tree!!

Cone Trees!

Felty Fun Stockings!

More Stocking Fun!

Colorful Contemporary Angels!

Another Fun Tabletop Holiday Tree!

Santa w Shrooms Table decor!

Foliage Tree Design!

Holiday wall designs!

Kewl Funky Wreath!

70's wall tree!

Funky Holiday door decor!

70's stylin holiday design!

New Years Eve Table Design

New Years Eve Design!

Fun Tree Design!

Man was the cre8tif energy flowing in 70's! Crafty Revolution fa sure!!
So many different styles & directions that almost anything went!!
I personally luv this stuff & this time of year I browse through these types of books like ten times a week!!

PS started work on my cre8tif Holiday 2010 Inspiration Book! Can't wait to post it!

all photos are from my iPhone.
Sorry bout quality!

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