BHG Holiday Decorations 1975 Part 2

I Luav this 1975 book! So inspiring!! I wanted to share more pics!
Caution may cause u to crack a smile or two!

300 awe inspiring projects!

Oilcloth Beauties!!

How darlin? Right!

Hmmm not sure about this, but none the less crochet tree ornaments make this lady :-)

Huge Handmade Wax coated Ornaments! Ya gotta wear a Groovy Caftan w teased hair to decorate the tree!!

Yarn covered Cardboard Cuties!

Ahhh cute!

Luav these stockings!!!!!!!!

Up close view of them! Amazing!


So cre8tiv!

Luav them all!!

More Cuties!

So much 70's inspiration! 9 dayz till Christmas & more 70's Luav to come!


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