Holiday 2010 Dream Book

After working on & off on this, tearing put pages, redoing the cover I think it's finally done!

For me it's more cre8tiv ideas, yummy recipes 4 sweetz, and blingalingaling! Alot of the ideas are from past & present Martha Stewart Living Mags. But also vintage Mags, Crafty Holiday Mags & more. Accumulation of a years worth of selectively collecting what caught my eye! I put it on our chalkboard coffee table & look thru it daily as I listen to Pandora Radio Holiday Rat Pack Music!

I used Handmade Christmas by Martha Stewart hardcover book.
I pulled out pages & kept some for the ideas. That was back drop. I tore out alot of pages from the various mags I had & glued then in the book just like that! I didn't want it too clean, purfecct lookin!

Cover Bliss

Inside cover Vintage representin!

2010 Bling!

Yummy Cheer!



Chai Eggnog Yum!

Gift Wrappy luav

MS Luav!

Gluten Free My Way Holiday Yums!

Strings of Candyland Bliss!

Blingy Silver Ornament luav!

Blingity Bling Bling!

Easy to do Bling!

Vintage Vibe Holiday Fun!

Beachy Christmas!

Crinkley Wrinkley Ocean Luav!

Acorn Garland So lovely!

Fun Indoor Icicles of Pure Delight!

More Acorn Cutie Luav!

Retro don't ya know!

Deliteful! Gorgeous!!

Made w Cupcake Paper Cups!!!

More Cupcake Paper Cup Wreaths!!

Olde School beautiful garland!!

Cute cute cute!!

Luav Foam cut out design!


Simple & elegant design!

Rick Rack Tree!! Wayyyyyy Kewl!

Pom Pom Gorgeous!

Thatz just a few pages to highlight my book. My fav is the vintage holiday designs so awe inspiring & out there!!

Hope u enjoyed!


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