Holiday Nook Color Dreamin..

Yes I admit it! Número Uno on my Holiday Wish list is Nook Color!

I'm in lust w this gadget! I have a Nook WiFi I got back in July (Luav it too!) but this is Nook on Hormones! Itz color, runs android (getting update to 2.2 Jan!) you can read magazines, surf Internet, use it as cookbook, view PDF craft books (need colour 4 this!), has built in night light (LCD) and B & N are going to have a slew of apps coming out next year for it! PS Pandora (which I also Luav) is a app on Nook Color!

Since I'm workin on Minimalist living I may sell my Nook WiFi, if my wish comes tru that is.

Although it takes up little room fa sure! I just don't need two eReaders!

Only thing is Nook Color is like a Laptop/IPad u can't read it outside in sun & I do likey to read outside (Nook eInk is gre8t 4 that!)
Decisions, Decisions!!!

Magazine reading


Nook Color & Nook Luav u Both!

- Shanti

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