Minimalist Dreams

My dream is to be more connected to my surroundings & less connected to things. My imbalance comes from my connection to things & disconnection to nature, people LIFE!

My possessions are here to serve me, be quietly waiting in the background to be used to enhance my life...

Material stuff was a way for my parents to show me luv. The connection w stuff became to resemble luv. My parents, father would go away & come back w a gift. my emptiness & disconnection was filled w stuff....

I luv luv luv this blog post from Minimal Markon minimalism!!

This is my fav part:

The zero-based approach to minimalism gets you more quickly to the place you seek. You start with nothing. If you have a strong mental constitution you may be able to do this all in your head. If you are more visual, you will need a garden or a spare space. And into this space you place all of the objects you own today.

Then you start at zero. For some time, perhaps a day, you need to inhabit your empty space and just spend time in there. See how you feel; what emotions surface? Do you feel relieved or irritated? Allow those emotions to persist for a while and try and understand what it is that you do feel when temporarily separated from your stuff. Because until you understand how you relate to your things you can never become minimalist – this is a mental and emotional state of being that has little to do with your stuff and everything to do with facing up to yourself, understanding who you are and what you need to be happy. Until you are comfortable with “you” dealing with your stuff will be superficial and unrewarding.

Spend as much time as you can with total emptiness until you become aware of your needs. As you identify a need, and the associated tool, bring the tool or item back towards your life. Examine it really closely and ask if you truly need it, want it and like it. If the answer to all three questions is an honest yes, bring it back in. Continue to identify your needs and ask if a tool is needed for fulfilling that need. It may be that you do not have everything you need.

The soul of the minimalist movement is not about stuff, Itz about my relationship w it, just like Ganga! My detoxing off of stuff, and then dealing w my addiction to stuff.
Hmmm wonder if there's a 12 Step Group for Consumerism?

- Shanti

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