My Life Fall 2010 Dream Book

I am starting a new tradition, doing Idea or Dream Books for my life. I find a old vintage book thatz just the right size & pages, and use it for my backdrop.

I then make sections of whatever I am into & glue fun pics & things that stimulate my cre8tif side! I decorate the front & Itz done. Of course I can add to it, or just browse thru it for ideas, smiles, etc!

Here's My Life Fall 2010 Dream Book!

Cover! Was a worn out Crossstitch Book!

Using Sassafras Papers!

Since we were moving to LB I had a Home Section for decorating gems..

Luv the pillows!!

Kewl Cabinet design!

I did do this design in my bedroom corner!

Ok not gre8t pic but it is a good vibe corner!

Luv this desk look! Mine ended up being simpler!

Itz compact but kickin!

Luv this! May do it on Ikea Billie Bookcase!

Organized & Neat & full of my Crafty Supplies!

I totally recommend doing a seasonal dream book! To inspire, rewire & desire!!


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