Queen Mary Holiday Bliss!

Friday my hubby, broh in law, nephew & I took a adventure to the Queen Mary. I & hubby had never been! What a blast we took the Free Passport Bus from our house to Queen Mary & as we entered this massive Ship I was in awe!

We were like kids in a Candy Store & looked at every nook and cranny and level! Sooooo much history & beauty!

I just thought if these walls could talk what incredible stories they would have from the past!
It has been well preserved & the details are amazing!
I'll take more pics next time to share!

The adventure was awesome! And we plan on doing Xmass Eve Holiday dinner there!

Outdoor Xmass Tree!

Cute Bright Bulb Xmass Tree Decor!

Fun Buddha Display I had to fancy up & include!!

Totally recommend A+
Total Cost: $0
Total Fun 9.5


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