2011 Minimalist Dreamz

This year I found myself being less specific and more broad stroked about my /goals.

2010 Goals
I think it can from the fact that in 2010 I was very specific about what I wanted to accomplish (I had a Dream book made exclusively for 2010) and I didn't accomplish some of my goals. And as every month passed I was aware of this... UGH!!

In the NOW
So this year I've set up a book and the goals are monthly not yearly. As well as the book can be reused for next year and onward!

I also am keeping on with my seasonal dream book. I find a used book from the local $1 bookstore and use it to add inspirations and ideas for that season.... The only problem is keeping it after the season is over? I have two already from last year I hate to part with..

2011 Reusable Monthly Goals Book w pockets, paper & clear inserts!

Seasonal Dreamz Book

My Minimalist Journey
As a minimalist grrl I have to think of why should I keep last seasons dream books?..
Even if I luv it, cre8ted it out of nothing, and it brings me joy, should I be keeping it and adding to my limited things i own?

Growth for moi
It is a delimma. and as a artist I find that it is a real tight wire act to stay in my minimalist vibe/flow or go over into holding on, keeping, saving vibe...... Which closes me off to feelin free!

So for now there are no answers.... Only ?'s.... More info will come w time... But itz a good feelin to know that the minimalist part of me is growing and developing daily!

Do u also share these concerns on your minimalist journey? How do u deal w it?

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