Cre8tif Dreamz Journal 2011

Having a nice New Years weekend & enjoying the cool weather & warm Chai Tea momentz!

Last year I did my first ever Cre8tif Goal Journal.
Every month I would write, sketch, glue, stick ideas, pictures, etc that inspire me to create. I would also journal my accomplishments & fun events for that month. It turned out to be a fun retreat for me & something I looked forward to playing with!

This year I'm doin something different and focusing on monthly goals!

I am using library card envelope to hold my Monthly Goals.
Then ATC's w my goals. Their doable & attainable!

I've also found a kickin small 3 ring binder @ Borders from my fav company Paperchase!

It's a Household Organizer w 50's motif. I plan on redesigning it for my Cre8tif Journal 2011. It has 12 pockets (one 4 each month of mementos, etc.), plastic ATC pages one for each month & since it's three ring binder I can add more pages, etc to it!

It's going to be a wonderful year & I'm excited to get started! My Sponsee is going to be starting her journal too & were going to work on it this week together!

I may even offer a PDF version to download on how to start ur Cre8tif Dreamz Journal!

- Shanti

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