Minimalism is Dead? Long live Minimalism

In a Recent post, Everett Bogue declared, in effect, that minimalism was dead. As he bluntly stated:
“It’s an idea that came and passed. Minimalism was cool for awhile. Now, it’s simply the echo of a revolution that once was.”

For me the minimalist journey is a personal one, not dependent on anyone or anything. It's a inside job. More about me reconnecting w me.
On this & my other blog Sunshine Bliss I talk about relearning the fine art of being. I've been on this path for twenty years.
Get rid of everything then travel. Then settle, nest & par down again & travel. It's cyclical for me. My phase now is we are downsizing & planning on getting a RV to travel around in like I did 20 years ago. We've been planning this for few years.

The tag put on this is Minimalism, I dig it and am glad that w such movies as Zeitgeist the world is waking up from it's slumber & realizing we are all longing for connection & peace, and consuming is just another addiction (they have 12 step program 4). As is power & greed.
It's a sickness & the detox is minimalism. Purging the exterior so we can focus on healing interior thatz Minimalism 2.0 IMHO.
Be leader if your own personal movement inspire others thru your actions, let others be who they are & focus on your own life while loving others. Thatz what I try to do

- Shanti

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