One day @ Time

I was flipping thru a old BHG & saw a page on organizing your stuff for New Year (was from 2009).

I got so inspired by the comments & thoughts on the subject that I wanted to share my words there ideas!

The Process~
The process of decluttering, downsizing, organizing is ongoing, never ending @ always changing to fit your families needs. In other words your never done, finite, the end of the process. And it requires diligence & awareness on a continual daily basis.

Ask Yourself~
When decluttering, downsizing & or organizing ask yourself three pertinent ?'s
-Do I LUV it?
-Do I USE it?
-Could Someone Else?

Letting Go~
Take pictures of sentimental things that I can't part with! Then part w it.

So whatz keepin ya?
Get Krackalakalackalin on it!

And yes you may need some coffee for this hence the wise coffee owl!

- Shanti
photo: source unknown u

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