This week in the life....

Was a cr8zy busy week that I wanted to share..

One of stimulation & sensory overload w a touch of consumerism.. Fell of that wagon!
Stayed @ Mandalay Bay Hotel room had gre8t view of the City, whirlpool tub, Loungey area & yummy king size bed.
I scored a few gift certificates that were for the Mandalay Bay restaurants! I highly recommend for gre8t deals on food!! Amazing!!
I enjoyed The Shoppes of Mandalay Bay & Urban Outfitters (did I mention sale?), and few cute locale shoppes...

Honestly being surrounded by all the bright lights, cold air, smoking & drinking was a bit much, I was over it the first day! I was ready to fly home!

Craft & Folk Art Museum LA & Metro...
Later in da week I celebrated my 12 year Recovery Bday! We decided to journey to LA & go to Craft & Folk Art Museum in LA via The Metro from Long Beach! Wow it was a adventure fa sure! I was a bit nervy since I had never ever really rode on mass transit in a huge city!

Metro Pics (views)

More Metro Pics (views)

I wanted to go to CAFAM
because of this!

Jerome & Evelyn Ackerman

in 1949 jerome and evelyn ackerman attended an exibition for modern living which was organized by alexander girard. they left the exibition with a newfound way of thinking which inspired them to embark on a life of design. i think you too might have a similar experience if you are able to attend a marriage of craft and design: the work of evelyn and jerome ackerman which is currently on view at the craft and folk art museum in los angeles.
From Cathy of California Blog
I recommend going it's a wonderful showing!

Doubletree Inn/Citadel Outlets...

Doubletree Hotel across Citadel Outlets

The awesome Doubletree Restaurant!

I also went to Los Angeles (Commerce area) and stayed right across the street from Citadel Outlets. My grrlfriend & I spent the nite @ The Doubletree Inn. It's a really wonderful 3 star deal.
It's where her Fiancé stayed when he came to call on her when they were in their early days of dating.
He died this past Friday two years ago in his sleep unexpectedly.
It is still a huge shock & hard to believe.
My grrlfriend is so strong & I'm so proud of her for moving on in other areas of her life.
No one will ever replace Bill, he was a unique, friendly, loving guy full of life!
We had gre8t dinner, caught up & reminisced about Bill. It felt like he was there with us enjoy the evening!
We of course did a tiny tiny bit of shopping @ outlets!
I found the correct size glittery sequin converse all-stars @ their outlet! I also scored some glittery shoelaces! This are my fav shoes bar none, and getting proper size made huge difference! I don't own alot of shoes, so I wear these alot when it's cold out!! I'm not even a fanboy of Converse I just like the rainbowy glitter look! Hubby says I was a fish in a past life!

So as u can see a cr8zy, hectic adventure filled week! Lookin forward to getting back in the groove of things this coming week!


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